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cable comics first appearance

Cable and the team frees the politician and Cable comes head-to-head with the MLF leader, Reignfire. Cable and the Silver Surfer battled, destroying buildings and other structures but were immediately rebuilt by Cable's vast telekinesis. The miniseries served as a lead-in to the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline beginning in April 2012. During the battle, Cable distracts Cap long enough by explaining that freeing Falcon will trigger several explosions in his base which will kill all three of them. He returns to the present to continue hounding Stryfe, find a mutant messiah (whom he initially things is Cannonball), lead the Six Pack for a few more missions, and stop the ascension of Apocalypse. CGC Certification Number #2110160004. He returned to the present to fight Stryfe and to prevent Apocalypse's ascension in the future. Despite this, the two warriors and the New Mutants team up against the MLF. Sometime in the next 5 to 10 years, Cyclops and Marvel Girl have a son named Nathan Christopher Charles Summers. All Cable cares about is that Rictor is retrieved. "To Hunt the Hunter". Sure enough, Cable's group finds a hidden laboratory occupied by the Sugarman, a reject from the Age of Apocalypse, who tries to set off a nuclear power core. The series ran for 107 issues from May 1993 until September 2002 before being relaunched as Soldier X, which lasted 12 more issues until Aug. 2003. Nathan has no idea that Slym bears the psychic imprint of his natural father, nor that any of them are mutants. Checking up on an opium route, Domino finds a secret hatch and Cable orders the team inside. When Nathan was about to escape, he was stopped by his father, Cyclops. Despite feeling his own mother's evil intent, Christopher stays relatively calm until rescued by Cyclops and Jean Grey. Nathan disrupts the bond, which ultimately kills Apocalypse. Cable and the X-Force get the upper-hand and Reignfire departs. He is able to find his way back to his home in the future. [44] After Captain America disbands the Uncanny Avengers in the aftermath of the "Civil War II" storyline and Cable and Rogue team up with villains Sebastian Shaw and Toad to find a cure for the Terrigen Mists,[volume & issue needed] Rogue continues the team in their mission to stop the Red Skull. [85], X-Men Forever is an alternate universe written by Chris Claremont that takes place after the events of X-Men (Vol. When Professor X came to Scott and Jean for help in dealing with an opposing threat, they turned him down. Nathan vows to exact revenge on any regime bent on subverting any group of people. Deadpool, Cannonball, and Siryn passed through this reality as they searched for the real (616) Cable. It is in overall good condition, with some minor imperfections here and there, such as slight spine and edge wear, as well as a small hand written number "3/3" above the title in what appears to be light ink. [80], In the fantasy world depicted in the graphic novel Wolverine: Rahne of Terra, Cable's counterpart is a wizard called the Mage, who carried the Warlock Staff and a crossbow. The origin and first appearance of J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter is currently tied for the #83 position on Overstreet's list of Top 100 Golden Age Comics. The portal is closed and Cable and Lee bodyslide back to normal life. He also takes the assimilation of Wolfsbane into a mutate pretty hard, especially since he is the one who had asked Moira MacTaggart to let Wolfsbane stay in his care. As Cable is making this statement, Deadpool infiltrates the X-Force base and checks in with Domino, who is really his girlfriend Copycat, a mutant pretending to be Domino. Prosh interrupts much of the equipment at the base, including the internal link that helps Cable keep his techno-organic parts in check - similar to how it all acted up after fighting Nimrod. The "X-Men Forever'' counterpart of Cable is still a young boy who isn't infected by the Techno-organic virus and spends most of his time living with his great-grandparents in Alaska. At some point down the road, Nathan and Aliya are married and have a son, Tyler. He discovers that he was merely a pawn in getting Omega Red into their hands so that they can release the death spore virus in space, creating a shield between Avalon and the Earth. Cable does not exist in the Age of Apocalypse. Cable was later featured in the Marvel Legends. While looking at new recruits, Deadpool shows up and states that Tolliver has put a hit on Cable's head. After the battle and with both Apocalypse and Xavier died, Nathan and Rachel would become students of Xavier's Institute as Scott and Jean came out of retirement. The boys are freed by Blaquesmith, a mysterious telepath, who tells Nathan to find the Askani and to learn from a special woman. However, Fantomex goes insane from needing to "be the best" and betrays the team using new god-like powers derived from a digitized form of the Volga Effect he had copied during a tryst with Meme. [86] Nathan lives with his great-grandmother and grandfather in Alaska. Cable's debt is paid. Stryfe builds up an army and Nathan starts the Clan Chosen, a group that struggles against Stryfe's army, as well as the corrupt government of the New Canaanites. The story is written by X-Men: Legacy writer Simon Spurrier. Cable promises to be there when he's needed in the future. [1] Writer Chris Claremont, who had written the series since issue #94 (August 1975), revealed Madelyne to be pregnant in X-Men/Alpha Flight #1 (December 1985). Cable's group does damage to a member or two, but Stryfe is able to get away yet again. She defeats the monster with a psimitar, saving Nathan's life, as well as the last pirate. There, the MLF jumps Kane and Cable and Stryfe puts Cable in a similar position is offering to exchange Kane's life for a data disk. The three are seriously wounded. First appearances are the gold standard in comic collecting and speculation. I hated it. When Cable touches down from the spot, he appears two years after Hope, and is steadily losing control of his body due to the techno-organic virus within him. In the upcoming Deadpool 2, the merc with the mouth is squaring off against his longtime "it's complicated" opponent Cable.This brings Deadpool back to his roots, as the character first appeared fighting Cable in the New Mutants #98 in 1991 -- meaning … (Ship, created by the Celestials and once under Apocalypse's control, had been almost destroyed by a similar T-O virus and reduced to a pod that lay dormant in young Nathan's chest cavity with its eons of information lost or damaged when it entered the time-stream.). Cable's body gets blasted and all his synthetic skin comes off, revealing that half his body is metal. The First Appearance of Daredevil came out less than two years after Spider-man, yet you rarely see a kid wearing a Daredevil … Read More Marvel Secret Wars 2015 Checklist by … [58], When Professor Xavier's son Legion travels back in time to kill Magneto in the "Legion Quest" storyline, Beast notes that Cable possesses "latent time-travel abilities". In the Cable and Deadpool series storyline "Enema of State",[74] Deadpool and the mutants Cannonball and Siryn discover several alternate versions of Cable as they traverse several alternate universes via "Bodyslide", searching for Cable after he disappears. Kane agrees. This storyline quickly ended without resolution when Marvel dropped the Externals concept. New customers save up to 25%, use code: New4 Nemesis place his body in suspended animation until they could find a cure for his condition. This is the first excursion the team has taken and Cable leads them in a far more militaristic way. Seeing that Cable may have a point, Cyclops let his son escape to the time portal. It isn't until the events of the X-Tinction Agenda that Cable is officially labeled a mutant and that his eye starts glowing. on 11/02/20 This reality had been taken over by Baron Strucker VI (Charnel) who had been responsible for the deaths of many superheroes. The diversion is ineffective and a bomb is dropped on the base camp. The journey into Nimrod's mind makes Cable's metal parts contort in odd ways for a short time. Cable grabs the Clavis Key and the two men escape. He finds a pirate ship has been attacked and attempts to save the last survivor from the deadly Daegon. Cable gets possession of the sword and has a friend of his in Egypt analyze it. Cable uses some light telekinesis and the Dark Riders have to flee. The fight takes the group to another dimension called Arena World where they have to fight a being named Abadon. Cable was among the last surviving super-humans and was a part of the team known as the X-Saviours, alongside the Hulk, Storm and Angel. In this reality, Stryfe had succeeded in destroying the X-Men. In another reality that Cannonball, Deadpool and Syrin passed through on their search for 616 Cable, he had been completely consumed by the Techno-organic virus. They finally find an installation and Cable has Hammer download a disk of information. He survived the telepath massacre that killed all telepaths, including Professor X, by living under Magneto's city that was made out of Sentinels called Sentinel City. After Outlaw becomes a fugitive, Cable recommends Deadpool to track her down and retrieve it. Subscribe to Marvel Unlimited to read Cable comic lists by Marvel experts! Bridge, however, refuses to let Cable in if he continues to keep secrets from the team. Making one final sacrifice, Cable allows the techno-organic virus to overcome him. Cable's crew gets their heads together and break the witch's spell in time for them to jump in the wormhole to go home. Mechanical Prosthesis: Due to severing his hand in a prior engagement, all of Cables clones were fabricated without their right arms from the get go. They know someone is trespassing and Cannonball splits the group up to find out what is up. As the Earth temporarily ends (turning tides to the Age of Apocalypse), Cable spends time with those he cares for. However, he regains them along with his cybernetics as a result of Deadpool repairing Cable's personal timeline. He then commits himself to making the difference he's tried since arriving in the present. In one battle, the confusion between the two enemies is evident. However, Wolverine assembles several surviving mutants to fight against the Sentinels as a new team of X-Men. Despite all the problems with the law, Rictor is disgusted that his family turns on Cable with their weapons instead of trusting Rictor that all is okay. Cable was seen in the episodes "Slave Island", "The Cure", "Time Fugitives, Parts 1-2" and "Beyond Good and Evil, Parts 1-4". 2, a new ongoing series by Duane Swierczynski and artist Ariel Olivetti. Though when the news hit of the battle in Washington DC between the X-Men and Apocalypse, Scott and Jean left Nathan and Rachel in the care of their grandparents and told them that they would return soon. [12] Cable sees them as potential soldiers in his war against Stryfe, and becomes their new teacher and leader. Upon exiting a building, Cable is confronted by Hammer and his weaponized Winnebago. Moira MacTaggert shows a kind face and takes Cable to her research facility to run some tests. Cable bodyslides out on his own and leaves his team to fend for themselves. There was no name, no description besides a 'man of action', the opposite of Xavier. First Appearance Of Find The First Appearance Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Cable is taken into Avengers Mansion where he is held captive. She asks him about their son. After Secret Wars, Cable has traveled back from the future to take back Charles Xavier's brain from the Red Skull. A reality where Cable's body had been completely taken over by the Techno-organic virus, and he married Storm. When Sauron "kills" Cannonball, Cable believes this death to be the birth of Cannonball as a High Lord, which seems to be the case because Cannonball is reanimated. [28], In the 2010 storyline "Second Coming", Cable succumbs to the techno-organic virus in his bloodstream while holding open a time-portal that allowed other members of X-Force to escape from the future. They trace the mask to some ruins in Mexico. They are met with a ton of opposition and the two escape empty handed. He finds him by an open elevator shaft. Bridge has made himself very comfortable. Sam Guthrie's name comes up in the search and apparently was living well into the 24th century, and going by the code-name Cannonball in the 20th century when he would potentially first realize he was an External. [48] Kid Cable also apparently tipped Bishop, a time-traveling X-Man and occasional detective, about an unspecified, imminent event that would have catastrophic consequences on the X-Men's timeline which lead him to Sugar Man's lab and where he had a quick confrontation with the frightened villain before getting knocked unconscious. The loss of his wife and child has made him willing to break certain morals for the greater good such as killing Russell as a child in order to prevent the post-apocalyptic future he will create as an adult. One mission leads Cable and his team to stumble upon a blast site where they find one lone survivor. Badhand fights his own stasis ray and blasts the Harpies. He grows weary of the role of being a messiah and contemplates leaving. He also informs the group that Cannonball has "graduated" to the X-Men. The Askani Cloisters are attacked and Nathan is nearly taken to Apocalypse by Ch'Vayre. Before they can leave, however, G.W. May 17, 2018 3 Minute Origins. They encounter the Masque and the Morlocks, Sabretooth, and Caliban, all in one fell meeting. Cable passes out and Post has enough mercy in him to respect an old memory of Cable saving his life to leave Cable as he is, knowing full well that Cable is likely about to die anyway. Nathan impresses the young woman by wielder her psimitar and the two begin to feel an attraction to each other. A battle ensues, with Cable eventually surrendering on the condition that the other men will let him explain his position. The Savior Nathan lashes out and attacks a guard and is spared a thrashing when the local Prior, Turrin (a man covered in metal prosthetics), takes Nathan and his family into the city. [61][62] As well as holding onto just enough telepathic power in order to simulate technopathy through future Stark Industries technology facilitate technopathy. View full history. Hearing of a mutant named Martin Strong who is trying to eradicate the x-gene, Cable sets a plan in motion to have Feral captured by Strong Industries while Cannonball and Siryn become undercover interns. Cable gets beat pretty bad. The series explored Cable and the villain Stryfe's ongoing battle with one another, and its effect on Cable's supporting cast. [55] Cable himself stating that both his telepathy and telekinesis have faded to nothing. Bridge's new team, Weapon: PRIME, shows up and fights X-Force. He is refuses for the time being and X-Force returns to their base at Camp Verde. Cable acknowledges that he needs some work/life balance and finally asks Domino out on a date. The sacrifice causes Russell to abandon his vendetta and spare the headmaster, which alter's the timeline and restores Cable's family. In the Civil War story arc, Cable sided with Captain America's Secret Avengers and fought crime as unregistered, illegal super-heroes. Cable receives a telepathic plea from Professor Xavier to help free the X-Men from the Phalanx during the Phalanx Covenant. Everyone else would simply hold a grudge. Nathan is saved, however, by his father, Cyclops, and Jean Grey. Cable attempts several times to enter the Hulk's mind but is rebuffed nearly every time. Cable then accompanies the New Mutants to their school. The movie version of Cable was also featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as a Walmart exclusive. Cable, born Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. They were followed by Bishop who is bent on killing the baby because he believes that she is the cause of the mutants being tortured in his reality. Before they can reach the time chamber they are attacked by Flatliners. Cable is pleased to see that Feral has taken the bait. The Warheads are whisked away and X-Force is left to fight some jumbo cats. Kid Cable keeps Cyclops in his base for a time, admitting that he just tweaked history in this manner because he did not wanted his father dead, but when faced with the separate threats of the X-Men battling Nate Grey and a human scientist whose life was saved by Cyclops in the past was now being threatened by his insane former professor, Kid Cable tells Cyclops he can save one or the other, with Cyclops' choice of the scientist sparing him the apparent destruction of the other X-Men and giving Scott the incentive to re-examine his actions prior to his death. Cable wonders what this new deal will really cost. Cable went into hiding, barely able to keep himself alive. Although Cable destroyed his board and briefly held his own against the Surfer, he was ultimately defeated when the Surfer destroyed Cable's arm. On the Astral Plane, Cable shows that he is a novice at these powers and gets distracted by a memory picked up from Jean from his childhood almost as if Jean shared a memory with him. The Warheads soon return as the slaves of a witch and they quickly fight X-Force. He body-slides away as the Imayan army arrives. Cable, however, didn’t realize that he’d had any type of relationship with Copycat since he never knew that she had impersonated Domino in all his time with X-Force. [22] The first story arc of the series features a Cable that has learned to suppress his techno-organic virus to a nearly effortless degree, allowing him to access the better part of his vast psionic powers. After watching W… In the New Mutants, Cable sees a dual need: they need a mentor/teacher and he needs recruits for his cause. In the end, he and the other Poisons crumbled with the death of the Poison Queen.[89]. 03:45PM After the wedding, Cable goes to Muir Island to talk to Rachel Grey about her ability to hear Cable's inner computational thoughts. Christopher and the other babies are rescued by the New Mutants and the X-Terminators, but Christopher is soon back in the mix, as Madelyne intends to sacrifice him for the ultimate spell that will forever bridge Limbo with Earth. Cable forms his own X-Force team once again, composing of Domino, Forge, Colossus, and Dr. It appears to the members of the Six Pack, Cable teleported away and left them to die in the explosion. The 1994 miniseries The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix provided further information on the character's back story. In essence, Cable unknowingly fought for his past life so that he could even exist in the present. Tyler then puts Nathan in an impossible situation by mind-linking with one of Nathan's teammates, Dawnsilk. After the Canadian authorities attempt to reprogram Kray and outfit him with working armaments, Kray escapes and finds Cable in New York. Bishop then uses a car to hit Cable. He then spends his last 24 hours in the present Marvel Universe, determined to stop those who killed Hope - the Avengers! He plays a major role in the "Beyond Good and Evil" storyline, where he seeks to end Apocalypse's evil once and for all. Cable then finds Adam-X and convinces him to lead the rest of X-Force into a confrontation with Strong himself. But it’s the next issue (that’d be issue 87, check our math on that), that Cable was introduced, prominently on the cover, with cover inks by Todd McFarlane no less. Seeing the threat passed, Cable leaves with his team and invites Adam-X to join the team. When the world doesn't actually end, Cable moves X-Force into the X-Mansion and encourages everyone to try to improve on their powers, including himself. On larger levels, Cable can levitate great weights, into the hundreds of tons, but her upper limit has remained undisclosed. Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, X-Force #18 - X-Cutioner's Song Part 12: Ghosts In The Machine. Sumo grabs the sword but Cable shoots him in the head; the MLF scatters. [18] It is furthermore established that Mister Sinister created Cyclops' son Nathan (who became the time-traveling soldier Cable) to destroy Apocalypse. By the time Bishop woke up, Sugar Man was dead with his body split in two. Cable figures that Department K will have the most information on the Mutant Liberation Front. At the Baltimore docks, Cable rummages around the remains of Blaquesmith's destroyed frigate. The series features Cable, and the messianic child's time traveling adventures. [volume & issue needed] The second arc, "The Newer Mutants", has Cable assemble a team trying to determine who is murdering Externals. Believing Cable to be the Devil's Herald, Reverend Craig incites the village against Cable. There he repairs Xavier's legs and trains him to fight Apocalypse, who in his timeline has taken over the world. He hides when the team shows up. Nathan Christopher Charles Summers was born to Scott and Madelyne Pryor-Summers, as a weapon for Mr. Sinister to use against Apocalypse, and has been fighting in wars most of his life. However, the Askani are attacked by those loyal to Apocalypse, who take the clone (believing it to be the real Nathan). Cable had never known that he and Stryfe shared the same face. Cable sought out Forge to create new bionic parts to composite for his atrophy. Cable manages to convince Kane that he is not Stryfe and also makes a deal that if Kane helps him bag Stryfe then Cable will get some futuristic help for Hammer. [33], Although he manages to defeat Captain America, Falcon, and Iron Man, he is caught off-guard when he is attacked by the Red Hulk, initially assuming that the Red Hulk is "Talbot", a foe from the future, before the Red Hulk informs him with grim satisfaction that he is actually someone who Cable has never fought before. [88], This version of Cable was consumed by the Poisons and joined them into invading Earth 616. While fighting, Cable rebuilt all the damage to the city that ensued during their battle while simultaneously keeping Providence afloat. Cable's powers begin overloading, but Hope, now wielding the psimitar given to her by her future self, manages to get into the Avengers Mansion and stabs Cable in the skull. Cable is ultimately killed by Wolverine,[84] but his actions have already led to the further oppression of mutants. Back in the X-Mansion, Cable tries to salvage what he can of his team. [42], Cable is seen in the year 2087 dealing with some unidentified issue related to Stryfe, in the aftermath of an Inhuman attack that covers the city of Boston in sentient plant life led by the Shredded Man. SHIELD planned on finding a way to deactivate Providence's anti-gravity generators, which wouldn't have worked anyway because Cable was holding the floating city using only his mind. It functions as a focus and amplifier for telepathic or telekinetic power, which it can combine then project as powered psychic force blasts. Seeking to clear his name, Cable determines to find and kill Stryfe. Cable takes pity on them and joins the group in Safehaven. Cable heads out with some supposedly friendly Acolytes to stop the Russian, but not before changing his mind and telling Rachel that he will be at the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey. He was then simply leader of a team that defied Xavier's dream while continuing to fight for its own ideals. Cable steps in and requests that Wolfsbane stays. Cable leads as they breach the lab with very little trouble and Hammer breaks into the system to acquire the part. Simonson, Louise (w), Liefeld, Rob (p), Rubinstein, Joe (i). with little effort. Cable then leaves Kane in the future while he goes back to the present. Aliya introduces Nathan to Madame Sanctity, the leader of the underground Askani Clan. To further a revenge plot by Tyler, Sinister taps a part of Cable's mind that stored the essence of Stryfe. Cable gave all governments 48 hour notice that they need to disarm or he would throw all their weapons into the sun. In due course, Cable attends the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Due to being afflicted with a super soldier serum fabricated by a weapons dealer, Cable was rendered into a catatonic state which threatened his body and his live with a volatile spontaneous combustion effect if not kept under constant stasis incubation. However, following the subsidence of the infection, they gradually increased to the point where they were similar in magnitude to those of Nate Grey, to whom he is genetically identical. It works and Cable leaves with Blaquesmith to save X-Force, though it is not certain the damage the unchecked techno-organic has done to Cable's body. They turn the tide of the battle on Cable by enlisting the aid of the Silver Surfer. The Morlocks and the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attack X-Force in their own home. There he teams up with Nick Fury and Badhand, as they wish to infiltrate MyS-Tech as well. While the X-Universe tries to pick up the pieces resulting from Stryfe’s machinations, Cable is temporally displaced.

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