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how to tell if thread is cotton or polyester

You are so imaginative. Once my fibers are twisted and spun to create a single thread, I’m singed over an open flame and then dunked into a special elixir called caustic soda! Especially in their bobbins. Even the best quality cotton thread of a generation ago did not have the advanced processing techniques available to us today and it would probably be best to not sew or quilt with old thread that exists today. I began my quilting venture as a cotton “purist.” After sitting for hours picking out popped quilting stitches on a 3 year old lap size quilt (little used, if I may add) that I had quilted with a premium well-loved cotton thread, I will forevermore use polyester thread for quilting. P.S. Smoke can be special ordered lol! That doesn't mean that other types of cotton don't make nice sheets, Symmes says. I did a quilt for my daughter about 20 years ago the only thing that us coming undone is one of the stitching at the ends which looks like the material is wearing. I say, get over it! Many quilters are very loyal to 100 percent mercerized cotton thread. Polyester Thread Types Polyester thread comes in a several types. Thanks for making me smile and think today! I think we get the picture. For fine cotton fabric like cotton lawn, use all cotton thread. You make reading a seemingly uninteresting topic into the funniest and easy to understand thing I have read in a long time. I always use 100% cotton thread for piecing and quilting - but I had a project that needed another color and I only had 100%polyester mettler thread that came with my machine - how good does it work on cotton fabric for piecing? Sign Up for the Newsletter, Get a Free Pattern! It is first spun into a yard or thread to make fabric. Polyester / cotton corespun threads contain two different components, unlike the sewing threads which are made from just one substrate, each component requires a different class of dyestuff and therefore the dyeing process is more complex and takes more time. Cotton Hand Quilting – Art S980 (*Can Because machine manufacturing made production waaaay more efficient, people could focus on making it stronger, prettier, and better suited to specific projects. I would classify it as mainly polyester. Sewing Thread Polyester Thread Kit 60 Colors(Total 15000 Yards) Length Spool with 2 Needle Threaders and 16 Needles for Sewing and Manual Machines 4.4 out of 5 stars 5,181 $18.99 $ 18 . But do you really want to sleep with a petroleum product? I also love using the rayon variegated threads for decorative stitching and wish more were made with cotton or poly as my machine does not always like the rayon thread. The ash will be delicate and turns to dust when you touch it. Cotton tends to be more breathable than polyester. On the other hand, good quality cotton with a higher thread count of 180 or more, won't last as long. Even if high thread counts result in better sheets, thread quality matters too. How to tell if a fabric is natural or synthetic depends on how the burnt material burns, smells and behaves after being burned. It is not, however, a good thread to use for embroidery projects. We have many polyester embroidery threads on our Embroidery and Sewing page and feature Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester in about 400 colors. Polyester can also be drawn out into long, continuous filament threads. These combined threads provide qualities from both fibers, with the outer fiber providing the finished “look”. Trilobal Polyester has been modified to maximise the lustre of the thread created by the individual filaments having a triangular cross section. It works really well for me. Thanks for sitting down with these two guys to get that sorted out. To be blunt, some would even call you “a stiff.”. Hi. P: [wink] My fiber is then twisted up and stretched by machines until it’s ready to be wound onto cones. Rayon thread is perfect for rolled edges on your serger. & Clark's article numbering system at a glance, Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread – Art S900, S910, S930  The two make a perfect combination for sports clothing. Cotton burns with a gray smoke in the flame and continue to burn when you remove it from the flame. What about poly/cotton? It is important to avoid using polyester thread with natural fabric. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s a natural fabric made from the fibers of the cotton plant. Ouch. This was amazing. Duty Plus Button & Carpet Thread – Art S920  (Click HERE I bought Gutermann thread starter sets in both polyester and cotton, thinking for sure I’d be a cotton boy through and through. The amount of fuzz will affect the quality of your seam. for this thread), Coats Polyester Machine Embroidery Polyester doesn’t crush like cotton, but doesn’t hang as well as natural fibres such as cotton. So I will be doing, some repair work on it soon to make sure it doesnt come apart. So although linen has a lower thread count, because of the inherent properties of the fibre, it is superior to cotton. Definitely give poly a try! Polyester sheets may also be labeled microfiber, which can be purely polyester or a blend of materials. Cotton smells like burning paper and has an afterglow at the end of the burn. As a cotton plant, I knew I would eventually get picked, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. C: I’m glad you brought that up because that’s a rumor I’ve been wanting to address for a while. 1 0. There is a risk to using a polyester thread for piecing; when ironing or pressing seams, the high heat setting of an iron can melt polyester fibers. Apparel made from this fabric is soft and stretchy, yet durable. That’s when the production of thread moved from the corner of the cottage to machines in big-time factories. Polyester or blends: Unlike cotton, polyester fibers are man-made and can be produced to be super thin, meaning polyester and cotton/polyester blends can have thread counts in … - Suzy Quilts, Mod Mountains Quilt Sew Along: Week 1 - Suzy Quilts, Quilting Technique Questions – Answered: Part III - Suzy Quilts, How to Troubleshoot Sewing Machine Tension - Suzy Quilts, An Honest Review of Wool Pressing Mats - Suzy Quilts, Grow Sew Along Weeks 3 & 4: Sewing Blocks - Suzy Quilts, Free Modern Patchwork Apron Tutorial - Suzy Quilts, Easy Tutorial: How to Sew Face Masks for Kids - Suzy Quilts, Easy DIY Scrunchie Tutorial - Suzy Quilts, DIY Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial - Suzy Quilts, How to Sew a Quilted Coat: Tips and Tools. It sounds like both of you have had some pretty life-changing experiences. You might recognize the term from descriptions of nylon fabrics, which are often classified by the denier of the threads from which they are woven. It gives nice warmth but isn't "puffy" - in JoAnn's yesterday, I was looking at the "puffy" batting but it is 100% polyester. C: I’d like people to know that even though I am a more expensive option, I promise to work hard, not break under pressure, and bring softness to their heirloom projects. Cotton: My story is probably one you’ve heard before. Pingback: Easy DIY Scrunchie Tutorial - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: DIY Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial - Suzy Quilts, Your email address will not be published. Percale is much higher quality, with thread counts of 200 or more. Polyester sheets are made of man-made, synthetic fibers. Thanks for putting this together and helping my thread dilemmas. That’s terrible! Egyptian cotton is also popular with quilters. Mercerized Cotton Thread - 100% cotton thread that is still silky smooth. Well super interesting, so which is your preference for quilting Suzy? I am … For quilting, choose a cotton-covered polyester thread for its cotton appearance and polyester strength. Many quilters do! P: Suz, can I call you Suz? with an insatiable drive to answer quilting's toughest questions and solve our sewing mysteries. Gütermann creativ 100% cotton thread is the ideal sewing, embroidery and machine quilting thread. The label says cotton but often the lining will be made of something else. It is a very thin material not quite built for quilting standards these days. Hahahahaha! Thanks for the interview! Percale – Can range from a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend to a 100% cotton makeup, to another type of blend in any ratio. Great article!! So how do you determine which thread to use for your project? How do I tell if the pocket lining on a pair of pants is made of cotton or a synthetic fabric such as nylon or polyester ? Rayon thread: Designed for machine embroidery, it has shine to give the embroidered design a decorative effect. I am often asked how one can tell the difference between polyester and cotton. Duty XP Fine – Art S940  The easiest way to tell if fabric is 100% cotton or not is burning test. Fun ~ but wish you would also add a small comparison chart so I won’t have to make one myself for a future quick-choice read! Polyester Embroidery Thread - Polyester is rapidly replacing rayon as the first choice for embroidery. Generally, the thread most sewers use is a 50 wt. (Click HERE But once I was stretched, I was cut at my weakest points so that only the absolute strongest fibers SURVIVE! Click. Not that the cotton thread is bad; it’s just not as “fun” for me to sew with. The key difference between cotton and polyester is that cotton is a natural product whereas polyester is a man-made product. Synthetic fabrics give me a rash so that is why I … Polyester thread has a little bit of stretch to it, so anything you are sewing to wear should be made with polyester or nylon thread. Cut small pieces of fabric you want to test and ignite it. (*Can be special ordered), Dual Over time, the stronger polyester thread can break down the weaker cotton fiber of the fabric. 40-wt polyester Determining Which Thread. Mercerized cotton or Egyptian cotton goes through a specialized process that makes natural fibers more luminous and stronger. It is known for its strength, durability, low shrinkage and low stretch. Cotton, a rumour that’s been swirling around sewing circles is that you tend to be a little inflexible. for this thread), Dual A darkish plume of smoke that smells like chemicals or burning plastic probably means the fabric is a cotton/polyester blend. Because of my past, I’ve gotten a bit of a “bad boy” persona, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Last week I got the chance to sit down with both Cotton and Poly Thread. P: Apologies. Wool In fact, I’m extra tough because I was born and raised in a factory. Brands such as 3sixteen and Dyer & Jenkins have used 100% polyester threads in their jeans for the greatest durability. Thank you for always being awesome!! Thank you very very much for that lovely lovely write up ,Suzi on the “interview with Cotton and Poly” it gives me a bit of confidence that my work with ‘Poly’ has been a good choice after all. , I typically use Aurifil 100% cotton – but that’s mostly out of habit. It provides valuable data regarding appropriate care and will help place a fiber into a specific category. What weight for cotton is good overall to have? How do I tell if the pocket lining on a pair of pants is made of cotton or a synthetic fabric such as nylon or polyester ? This is suitable for using with most fabrics and is cheap and easily obtainable. But, much of the thread I’ve had for years is poly or a cotton-poly blend: your interview didn’t go into blends: what do you think? Just starting to quilt…ok, right now just in the process of gathering fabric, then will take the plunge. 99 Cotton is best-known for its softness. Now Poly, I hear you have some pretty well-rounded interests. Transparent – Art S995  I sometimes get really bogged down with the information on various quilting blogs but yours is always my favorite to receive. I’m greeeeat in bobbins. Advantages High-quality mercerized cotton threads are soft and durable enough to adjust to normal wear and tear, but … Yes, I am not as stretchy as Poly, but what I lack in flexibility, I make up for in softness. Thanks for the verification, I asked the same question at a favorite quilt shop and was told the same thing. Polyester sheets may also be labeled microfiber, which can be purely polyester or a blend of materials. After I was picked, I was also combed and thoroughly cleaned. Insert the thread into the candle flame. Unraveled linen thread fibers are generally longer and have more luster as compared to cotton. You’re hilarious! Basic … It’s a natural fabric made from the fibers of the cotton plant. On the negative side, cotton is prone to shrinking. Cotton fabric will burn like most natural materials since it comes from a plant. Recommended Read: 13 Master Tricks to identify Original Leather Bag. Cotton, polyester, and rayon: Cotton offers breathability, polyester strength, and rayon shininess.

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