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s45vn steel for sale

Yojimbo s30v (D) broken tip fairly smooth $70 pending funds. However, the high chromium content of S60V (17%) reduced the amount of vanadium carbide that was formed. It has Rick Hinderer's well-known Spanto blade, a practical … I’m sorry for the length. How would s45vn rate vs m390/20cv/204p(my favorite for folding knives)? The knife is with a hidden tang. Read more about austenitizing and effects on properties here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. It seems to be a popular opinion among some enthusiasts that S30V and S35VN are now old hat, so perhaps this new grade will attract them again. Premium. Spyderco Para 3 C223GPFGR - CPM S45VN Blade - Forest Green G10 Handle - Sprint Run - USA Made $149.80 This item is currently out of stock. So, based purely on tech specs, it's somewhere between those two in terms of toughness … see all. 1075 Carbon Steel 3 items; 1095 Carbon Steel 8 items; 420HC Stainless Steel 2 items; 420J2 Stainless Steel 2 items; Carbon Steel 27 items; Display All Filters; D2 Tool Steel 3 items; Damascus Steel 44 items; High Carbon Stainless Steel 2 items; Hrc 61 Laminated Steel 1 item; Stainless Steel 86 items; Only Display Top Filters CPM-S45VN steel for improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance : ... Bark River Knives: Petty Z - CPM S45VN. You can see examples of that with AEB-L in this article. Carbon in solution controls the as-quenched hardness, previously devised edge retention prediction equation, Spyderco's First 2020 Product Reveal Showcases Next Gen Steels, To test the toughness of S45VN I did three different heat treatments, all of which utilized liquid nitrogen after the quench. Spyderco. Vanadium forms very hard carbides which contribute to wear resistance, and the use of powder metallurgy keeps the carbide size small for good toughness. Also from reading it’s seems S45vn’s performance is HIGHLY dependant on its heat treatment. Dexterity. This knife makes just as much sense in the back of your truck as it … (NEW!) Toughness is better than CPM S30V, but slightly less than CPM-S35VN.Link below has comprehensive heat treat information and much more from,, Wrap blade in stainless steel heat treat foil, Bring to 1550/1600F and equalize (let it soak for 10 minutes), Bring it up to Austenitizing temp 1900 - 2000F and hold for 15 - 30 minutes, A Cryo treatment in liquid nitrogen (or dry ice) before tempering will increase hardness. Product Description. When m390/20cv/204p seems to be a superior steel to it overall. 2,041. Handle Material: 3/16″ Carbon Fiber They perform really well. Post by Deadboxhero » Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:50 pm . Top. Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC. Yojimbo s30v (D) broken tip fairly smooth $70 pending funds. If your preference is M390/20CV that is totally fine. This has been killing me. Bark River Knives: Petty Z - CPM S45VN - Coffeebag - Blue Liners. Blade Steel: CPM-S45VN Blade Thickness: .085" Weight: 3.4oz. Buy Folding Knives with S35VN Steel from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Folding Knives with S35VN Steel - 1 to 30 of 771 results - Knife Center CYBER MONDAY EVENT STARTS NOW | OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! Blade Style: Drop Point with finger flipper and thumb groove opening. Crucible’s first major stainless PM steel was S60V, formerly called 440V, and the earliest record I can find of that steel is from 1983 [1]. The chemistry has been rebalanced to improve corrison resistance, wear resistance and edge retention. These carbides are harder than standard abrasives which is what makes polishing more difficult. Sold Out CPM® S45VN is a martensitic stainless steel specifically created to transcend its predecessors. The chemistry has been rebalanced to improve corrison resistance, wear resistance and edge retention. If a further increase in hardness is desired for high edge retention or edge stability then temper between 300 and 350°F. Blade Length: Approximately 2.875" ~ 2 7/8" ~ 73 mm Blade Material: CPM-S45VN Stainless Steel Blade Style: Flat Ground, Plain Edge Blade Thickness: Approximately 0.15625" ~ 5/32" ~ 4 mm Lock Style: Compression Lock Closed Overall Length: Approximately 4.3125" ~ 4 5/16" ~ 109 mm Open Overall Length: Approximately 7.1875" ~ 7 3/16" ~ 183 mm Handle Material: Green G-10 Para 3 Grey scales BD1N steel (C) scale swap and sharpening $70 SOLD SOLD SOLD. Spyderco. These numbers are calculated using ThermoCalc software: The main changes we expect from S45VN vs S35VN and S30V are an improvement in corrosion resistance due to the increase in Cr of about 1%. S30V also has a nitrogen addition [3], a point not often recognized since the nitrogen is not listed in the datasheet [4]. The results of these experiments (minus S45VN) were previously shown in this article. S45vn has the edge retention of s30v. Flag grind. Eventually though, CRK introduced S30V steel, which Chris was directly involved … 2020 USA Knifemaker, LLC. The “corrosion rating” is based on how much rust was visible on the specimens after 24 hours of 1% saltwater exposure. Cold treatments are less effective if there is a delay between the quench and the cold treatment, particularly when using a freezer. 20CV/M390 would be just as bad as S30V so that would not be a favorable change from their perspective. It also has increased Carbon and a some Nitrogen added to allow for higher hardness than CPM S35VN. The knife is very light and an awesome cutter, perfect for small to medium tasks. As I understand it some companies switched to S35VN from S30V because they were unhappy with the grindability of S30V. [1] Chilton’s iron age 226 (1983): p. vi. [7] Lindwall, Greta. Sorry…. This knife makes just as much sense in the back of your truck as it does in the kitchen drawer. The design including niobium and nitrogen additions should help maintain toughness similar to or better than S30V. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Filter by Steel. ... Sep 3, 2008. An improvement in toughness with a higher austenitizing temperature was also seen with heat treatments of S35VN which likely behaves somewhat similarly (I do not yet have a separate article on S35VN): The toughness of S35VN was also found to peak at a tempering temperature around 350-400°F which may also help explain why the 2000-400 heat treatment led to the best combination of hardness and toughness: To investigate the cause behind the toughness increase with higher austenitizing temperature, I looked at the microstructure for the 1950-450 and 2000-400 specimens. Filter by Steel. If you know anything about steel, you know that S30V is very good baseline steel. Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC. Blade Steel: S45VN stainless Tool Steel with Black flutes running on Grade 10 stainless ball bearings. So using niobium instead of vanadium should lead to a refined microstructure in general in part because of modifications to solidification as well as reducing the amount of chromium carbide. Everyone loves a Gunny! Sort By: Quick view Compare Add to Cart. This CPM S35VN stainless steel data sheet highlights the edge retention and toughness of this knife steel. In the article I wrote about nitrogen-alloyed steel I focused primarily on nitrogen “in solution” which increases hardness and to some extent corrosion resistance. **If you buy 2 or 3 and want it cut into 12" length pieces, please specify in the comments section that you would like them cut into 12" pieces. Crucible had been producing steels with very high wear resistance in combination with good toughness by designing them with high vanadium additions. C223GPFGR Spyderco Para 3 CPM S45VN Folding Knife $249.95. Edge retention is covered later in this article. It is a step forward from S35VN but its improvements are incremental better not orders of magnitude better. Type. We expect a reduction in toughness when compared with S35VN because of the increase in total carbide content. Para 3 Grey scales BD1N steel (C) scale swap and sharpening $70 SOLD SOLD SOLD. A higher austenitizing temperature also leads to a small increase in chromium in solution for better corrosion resistance. Tesla Model S. Flashlights. Thanks to John Dyess, Michael Foote, Xun Fan, and Mark Vanderwest for becoming Knife Steel Nerds Patreon supporters! Full broad tang with solid Pins, the knife uses the NEW S45VN steel a superb Stainless CPM steel with excellent toughness, wear resistance and edge holding, a really great all around Knife Steel. His first Spyderco collaboration faithfully translates this novel design into a unique production folder with a hollow-ground CPM S45VN blade, a bead-blasted titanium handle, a Reeve … This is in comparison with 440C which is 100%, S30V at 145%, and M390/20CV at 180%. Handle Material: 3/16″ Carbon Fiber Interestingly, the S45VN datasheet has a newly adjusted CATRA value of S35VN of 140%, better reflecting the somewhat reduced edge retention of S35VN when compared with S30V. Blade length 3.775in. Here are a few more steels in a table for comparison: As discussed in the design section, S45VN has higher Cr in solution compared to S30V and S35VN, but each has a similar Mo in solution. Vanax – 1975°F (18% carbide/nitride volume). Chromium carbides coarsen more rapidly than vanadium and niobium carbides in powder metallurgy steels so reducing the amount of chromium carbide helps with carbide size. Weight 5.6oz Required fields are marked *. But I don’t care for needed to maintain them so rust isn’t as issue. Sale Price: $209.95. M390 tested higher in toughness than S45VN; however, with its quite high carbide volume I have a hard time believing that it has higher toughness in actual practice. Nitrogen is not as prone to form chromium nitrides as carbon is to form chromium carbides, so nitrogen can often be added to steel for an increase in hardness without decreasing corrosion resistance. Is there anything that s45vn would beat m390 in? Blade thickness .156in. Spyderco. Using the ThermoCalc estimated carbide content we can use a previously devised edge retention prediction equation to determine its approximate CATRA edge retention. The following chart shows C and Cr in solution for a range of PM vanadium stainless steels using ThermoCalc estimates with the recommended austenitizing temperature found in each datasheet: I heat treated S45VN by wrapping it in heat treating foil and heating it in an Evenheat furnace. The result is that the overall carbide content is not increased much when compared with S30V, though still a bit higher than S35VN. CPM S45VN. Therefore a Mo addition can be used for stainless steels with a bit lower Cr for an improvement in corrosion resistance. Deadboxhero Member Posts: 1285 Joined: Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:35 am. Therefore, a niobium additions helps improve both toughness and corrosion resistance by increasing chromium in solution and refining the carbide size. Handle: Titanium anodized brown/bronze with deep etched Runes and Staves MSRP: $279.95. In the table below you can also see C, Cr, and Mo in solution. Spyderco Barong - $879.99. So in your opinion. OUT OF STOCK. Sale … However, with the relatively high amount of vanadium and niobium in S45VN the nitrogen is not actually in solution. Main Incandescent LEDs Image Gallery Links. Final refinement of the chemistry and Mill Production methods were developed by Bob Skibitski of Crucible. Your email address will not be published. The S45VN steel blade is easy to hone and maintain at home with a few swipes over a ceramic rod and leather strop. Blade thickness .156in. To maintain a better balance between wear resistance and toughness they added 4% vanadium resulting in the popular stainless PM steel S30V released in 2001 developed in close collaboration with Chris Reeve Knives. Relatively high hardness can be achieved with a 300°F temper, in the 63-64 Rc range. Crucible/Niagara S45VN. ***One per household. It will not be as easy to finish as something like CPM-154 which is a favorite among custom knifemakers putting on hand-rubbed finishes. Jim May 12, 2020 #11. dirc. OUT OF STOCK. Crucible researchers used the same 14% Cr as S90V to best utilize the vanadium additions but also sought to improve corrosion resistance through an increase in molybdenum. SUMMARY: CPM 345VN steel is a high alloy stainless steel with outstanding edge retention, increased corrosion resistance, and modest toughness. Drop Point. A new ParaMilitary 2 Sprint Run from Spyderco Knives dressed in Diamond Arc textured, Forest Green G10 and outfitted with a satin finished, plain edge CPM S45VN stainless steel blade. Premium. A 4% Mo addition was present in the stainless bearing steel 154CM which was added for “hot hardness” but also improves corrosion resistance. Cool to room temperature in between tempers. [2] Pinnow, Kenneth, William Stasko, and John Hauser. 1075 Carbon Steel 3 items; 1095 Carbon Steel 8 items; 420HC Stainless Steel 2 items; 420J2 Stainless Steel 2 items; Carbon Steel 27 items; Display All Filters; D2 Tool Steel 3 items; Damascus Steel 44 items; High Carbon Stainless Steel 2 items; Hrc 61 Laminated Steel 1 item; Stainless Steel 86 items; Only Display Top Filters CPM S45VN is the updated version of CPM-S35VN. Spyderco Bombshell - $424.99. [3], [4], [5], [6] But in addition, it has better corrosion resistance as an evolution. The hardness measurements lined up relatively closely with those given in the S45VN datasheet. But if the edge should get dinged or dulled against bone, all you need to do is mail it in to Benchmade’s popular LifeSharp Service. S45vn boasts higher corrosion resistance vs both. Spyderco Green Review. I wouldn’t say that S45VN is any more sensitive to heat treatment than any other steel. Its carefully tuned chemistry promotes the formation of more chromium carbides, while leaving larger amounts of free chromium available for corrosion resistance. Re: CPM REX 45 | Edge Performance. Sale Price: $172.45. With the addition of .5% niobium, niobium carbides are formed, making CPM S35VN tougher and better able to hold an edge. Based on the toughness testing result, I think a higher austenitizing temperature than the 1950°F recommended in the datasheet is best. Is there something about s35vn that would make it a superior folding knife steel? [8], Awesome article gonna have to get some now. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This version is a limited edition "Sprint Run" offering high performance and a lasting collector's value.

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