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vichyssoise vs potato leek soup

Fry for 1 minute, remove, and place them on paper towels. This is easy to say, but here is a delicious example of how to reimagine a classic, French potato leek soup, called vichyssoise, using only non-dairy ingredients! Vichyssoise..I didn't even know that! It is also versatile as a soup base; add water cress and you have a water-cress soup, or stir in cream and chill it for a vichyssoise… Two things… First of all, the name of this Classic Soup is pronounced ‘Vishee-SWAAZZ’. Deselect All. The soup looks very tasty. When we decided to make a potato soup with some french herbs and a leek, little did we know that we were re-creating a healthy version of a classic French Vichyssoise soup. Here’s the recipe:, Yes I like leek and potatoe soup, leeks are a good alternative to onion, they don’t make you cry cutting them . kippenbouillon, 1 beker melk en een klein bekertje slagroom. but it makes my day! Better in Neamț & Bucovina, English teaching and founding a Leo Club in Romania almost 25 years ago; fond memories awoken, Entering Romania from Hungary by road – Maramureș then Bucovina – to Iași, Great food and more Romanian decorated eggs, Romanian city, Iasi, demonstrates it intends to return to be THE city of culture, România. I could live on soup this time of year! Many North Americans pronounce it ‘Vishee-SWAH’, … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ( Log Out /  Stir in the cream, reserving some for garnish. 4 cups potatoes, peeled and diced. It’s worth adding that leeks are a wonderful, often overlooked vegetable. About me, Chapter 2, About me, Chapter 3. Typical October weather (95 one day, 70 and rainy a few days later) coupled with interrupted sleep has led to … Creamy,tasty, warming. After … It is most commonly served cold, but can be served hot. ( Log Out /  En zoek meer in iStock’s bibliotheek van royalty-free stockbeelden met Culturen foto’s die beschikbaar zijn voor snel en eenvoudig downloaden. . 2 cup heavy cream I’m sure the flavor is slightly different too but not worlds different, so it’s okay… use black pepper if you want. (Then go buy an immersion blender. Loved reading about your husband's comment and the history of Vichyssoise! ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thanks for stopping by, Roz. Vichyssoise – Cold Leek and Potato Soup. Download deze Vichyssoise Potato And Leek Soup foto nu. This was brought home to me just a couple of days ago when I made a mushroom omelette following a recipe from Latvia which added some leek. Add the onion and leek and cook until softened - about 10-15 minutes on a low heat. … We were in Skipton yesterday and I was thinking about you; managed to resist Bizzie Lissie’s but only because we’d had a large breakfast! A soup I was happy to introduce to Poland (ok, I’m sure it got here before) But it is now a firm favourite with Gosia family. Most recipes for chilled potato soup have lots and lots of heavy cream thus fat. This soup is different. INGREDIENTEN 25 gram roomboter, 5 dunne preitjes (houd een beetje lichtgroen van de prei achter en snijd in flinterdunne draadjes voor de garnering), 3 aardappels, 1 ui, 2 theel. Yes, I love this soup, too. We had a small serving hot, the rest we’ll have later cold, ie vichyssoise (it will keep fine in the freezer). Cut into very thin strips and add them to a deep frying pan with sunflower oil over medium heat. I bought a couple of leeks with the intention of making a, Sadly Stéphane seems to have stopped posting on his blog, ‘, If you want the vegetarian version I’d recommend, My first attempt at a 75 word story – Playing the Trout, Second attempt at a short story – ‘Phone’, 75 words story – Meet at six? Although no recipe is necessary – there could hardly be a simpler soup to make – I had intended to follow (roughly) Delia Smith’s recipe, my go-to cook for unpretentious but superb food of all kinds. Melt butter in soup pot over medium-high heat. For one reason and another I didn’t make the soup on Friday so went for an authentic vichyssoise and as far as I am concerned that means a recipe from a Frenchman or, as it turned out, from a Frenchwoman. And then there’s Vichyssoise, which is basically a chilled, creamy potato and leek soup. I am constantly bugging Stephane about posting again. . Potato Leek Soup Adapted from several sources: Once Upon A Chef, The Splendid Table, Serious Eats Makes about 6 servings 3 tablespoons unsalted butter 4 leeks, white and light green parts only, roughly chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed 2 pounds potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped into 1/2-inch pieces 7 cups chicken broth 1 teaspoon salt Serve the soup with the bacon, … Vichyssoise (uitgesproken als "vishi'swaz"), hoewel uitgevonden in de VS, is een Franse stijl soep gemaakt van gepureerde prei, uien , aardappelen , room en kippenbouillon.Het wordt traditioneel koud geserveerd, maar het is ook heerlijk warm geserveerd. Most can agree that potato-leek soup was widely cooked and enjoyed in 19th century France. But back then it was called Potage à la Parmentier, named after Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a nutritionist who popularized potatoes in France. I say sadly because this was one of the best food blogs (and much more) around. Use an immersion blender to puree the soup until smooth. ( Log Out /  Add stock until vegetables are … Hoping your new year is going along swell, too. Vichyssoise soup - the French version of potato & leek soup I bought a couple of leeks with the intention of making a leek and potato soup for Friday, one of our ‘meatless days’. I a large, heavy bottom pot, melt butter over medium-low heat. But I love that you can also enjoy it chilled. So nice to have you back blogging again Rosemary, you've been missed. This is in fact vichyssoise though we ate a serving hot. How to make potato leek soup !!!!! Cut each leek into three pieces and cut them in half, lengthways. zout (waarschijnlijk heb je wat meer nodig) 5 dl. I keep meaning to, its more about finding the time and this is meant to be the quiet time of year I’ll report of the curry later in the year. Vichyssoise (pronounced vee-shee-swahzz) is an American creation, despite sounding French and all. Too often, though, I find the leeks in the supermarket either rather sad-looking or just pricey. This is a simple soup that’s absolutely comforting when enjoyed warm on a chilly day. It is a great soup. I love Julia's Vichyssoise, though I more frequently make her leek and potato soup or Potage Parmentier. Gently stir in the cream before serving. But this does sound very nice and I am always happy to snack on soup – slow roasted beef casserole for my tea tonight! Or use a blender or food processor for this step. 3 tablespoons butter. So glad you decided to stay. . It’s thickened with puréed potatoes and leeks and cream is added to give it a fine consistency. How – thanks to the ‘mafia’ – I became an English teacher and was talked into extending my stay in Romania from 6 months to over 11 years, Decorated eggs in Romania, Bucovina and Iasi, A sadistic Romanian police force – jandarmarie, An olympic gold salute to the women of Romania; Un salut de aur olimpic pentru romance, Back in the Romanian city, Iași. 8 cups water. We happened to live in a great little town called Ogawa Machi in Saitama Prefecture. I bought a couple of leeks with the intention of making a leek and potato soup for Friday, one of our ‘meatless days’. I've eaten soup (usually my what's-in-the-fridge kind) every day this week. Creamy potatoes make darn delicious creamy vegan vichyssoise. Best-Ever Potato and Leek Soup Best-Ever Potato and Leek Soup This potato and leek soup from Andrew Zimmern is a riff on the classic vichyssoise and makes a large batch perfect for freezing. Once butter is melted, add the leeks … But although it's good chilled, I'm never in the mood for it in cold soup season. Cool. I haven't made a potato soup yet this season and this one fits the bill deliciously. When it comes to vichyssoise … You should give it a try, Angie! You could certainly use black pepper and have specks throughout your soup if you don’t mind. Yes. Hot, it is a delicious potato and leek soup. Creamy Leek and Potato Soup (Soupe Vichyssoise) Audrey This Creamy Leek and Potato Soup, known in French as Soupe Vichyssoise (or sometimes “Potage Parmentier) is made of puréed leeks and potatoes, enriched with cream. Serve chilled, it is the classic Vichyssoise. MUCH easier than pouring hot soup in a blender.) Love reading your travel posts. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Add a splash of white wine, the potatoes… Thanks for continuing to read. Traditional vichyssoise recipes begin with … I so often amke my soups from nothing, I forgot how delightful it is to start one from scratch. Vichyssoise – French Potato and Leek Soup. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I love this soup, love to cook, love to write abot it. I dont think I could do a meat free day! But warm, at this time of the year? Vichyssoise. – for Paragraph Planet, Frustration – a very short story, 50 words precisely, Short story – The Shark Which Ate Half of Father Christmas, Maleficently – a short story for children, When dreams and leaves dance – short story, Adding to my ‘About’ – student to journalist. Vichyssoise is a thick soup made from pureed leeks, onions and potatoes with cream and chicken stock. You do need to cook it, and then cool it. I have to say that I was shocked by how … Good to be missed, Karen. Well, check this out the! Learn how your comment data is processed. The fact that it is served cold makes it a bit exotic and this will probably please your guests. (This one was so good!) Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. De Fransen noemen het Vichyssoise, de Engelsen noemen het Leek & Potato maar ik noem het LEKKER! . Puree in a blender or food processor until very smooth. He says he’s too busy!!! (And love to read your blog, too!). Salt and pepper. There’s nutmeg and chives too. I made four generous servings. Change ). Vichyssoise makes a great starter for a company dinner because it can be made ahead of time and served whenever you wish. This recipe is very simple to put together and very low in fat. Here’s Delia’s: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Great to hear from you. But they looked fresh and the price was right! Melt the butter in a medium saucepan. As it chills it becomes super thick and creamy. French Vichyssoise. This potato leek soup recipe is very simple despite its somewhat haughty name. I love both a good vichyssoise and hot potato soup so I know I would enjoy you recipe. Whatever the name one chooses to use, this is a delightful soup and I truly appreciate that you referred to three classic cookbooks for your version! Too filling. We had a good crop of leaks last year and they stay in the ground until you need them, that is until your hungry goats find them! Are we going to see a post with the newest member of the clan soon? Doesn’t look much does it but in my opinion this is one of the best of all soups. La mulți ani! I'm with you, Susan; it's soup time of year. I love his ‘About’ – that alone is worth a read, but here’s his (or grandma’s) vichyssoise with the story behind it. I'm so glad to have you blogging again! October 24, 2012 Filed Under: Soups and Stews. I enjoy doing that too! … but I guess leek-fed goats would make a good curry! Ready for the easiest and most awesome cold soup ever? Leek and potato soup smells good, tastes good, and is simplicity itself to make. Thanks for visiting again, John, after my break! Sadly Stéphane seems to have stopped posting on his blog, ‘My French Heaven‘, his most recent post being in June last year where he gave his grandmother’s recipe for vichyssoise, which is good enough for me. This particular soup is a potato and leek based soup, seasoned ever so perfectly with salt and white pepper… yes, white pepper. A bit of fiction and 'poetry' and, occasionally, a view from Yorkshire, about anything. Vichyssoise, or cold potato leek soup, is a simple and incredibly delicious soup that I first experienced when Karl and I were still living in Japan. Love this soup! If you want the vegetarian version I’d recommend Delia Smith’s recipe (don’t be misled by the added complication from ‘celebrities’ like Jamie Oliver – rubbish). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Vichyssoise is one of the simplest and most versatile cold soups ever--basically a silky smooth puree of potatoes, onions or leeks, stock, and cream, well chilled. Vichyssoise, pronounced vihsh-ee-SWAHZ is a classic French soup. As nouns the difference between soup and vichyssoise is that soup is or soup can be any of various dishes commonly made by combining liquids, such as water or stock with other ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, that contribute flavor and texture while vichyssoise is a thick, creamy soup made from potato, leeks, onions, and chicken stock; normally served cold. I’d never have thought of using them in a mushroom omelette but I’m sure that it was this ingredient which lifted this omelette from the ordinary to the extraordinary. :-) Fun post -- thanks. Add potatoes, onions (leeks), celery and parsley to a large pot. After you master the basic recipe, be sure to try the recipe variations below. Seven things you may not know about Romania, Street photography – rain in Iasi, Romania. Add leeks and salt; cook until leeks begin to wilt. The only major difference between the soup and the vichyssoise is that the first is with a vegetable stock, generally served hot, the second with chicken stock and served cold. Nevertheless, although posts seem to have stopped all the old ones seem still to be there. but then I could year-round, too! Hope your 2016 is wonderful, Rosemary! I realize you don't have to take the time to comment . Odd to find your comment now. Vichyssoise is a French-inspired soup made with potatoes and leeks.It's served cold, and it may be garnished with snipped chives or parsley.This classic French-style soup is very easy to make at home, and many people find it enjoyable hot as well as cold, although purists may frown on serving the soup … Pretty good for the summer. 3 cups leeks, sliced and washed.

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