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why dress code is important essay

The dress code has become an important part of professional life and whether going for an interview or a business meeting these days everyone is expected to appear in a formal dress. School dress codes are meant to make sure students are prepared for their future jobs and life. In the past, dress codes for nurses were strict and often included a uniform skirt, nursing cap, hose and plain shoes — typically white. Although it doesn’t point out any specific genders, the codes imply what gender it applies to. Research papers on hr. I am writing to tell you that dress codes should be followed in schools as long as they are not discriminating any group of students by race, gender or religion. The rules typically apply to high and middle schools, and state clearly what students are allowed to wear (and what they are forbidden to wear). The first reason why schools should keep dress codes is they are proven to reduce violence and fights. Dress codes allow girls to be over-sexualized. For example, teachers will be more likely to put more effort into educating their students, and the students will be more likely to try to understand and learn the curriculum. It shows that you understand the importance of always looking your best and making an impression no matter where you are. 1) Tailoring according to the event is important in order not to look stupid in front of other people. Colonial latin america essay topics Research paper on email security. It is also a symbol of its illustrious community. in the real world in order to be successful. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. A dress code can be justifiable when put into a situation that really does require certain attire to be worn. Dress Code Essay 978 Words | 4 Pages. School and education is an important step toward adult life and future living. Business attire, school dress codes, and uniforms are all great examples of standards for dressing. Successful duke supplemental essays. Why is dress code important essay. This report seeks to compare and contrast the characteristics of school dress codes with that of dress codes in the workplace School dress code refers to rules and regulations regarding clothing and appearance in a given learning environment. Essay renewable energy sources Essay tests are to as matching tests are to essay on immigration in india national drug education program essay in on importance dress Short code school essay of. It is a necessity of man. Dress codes have been enforced forever, and with new fashion trends coming into style, dress code policies for high schools and middle schools around the country have gotten even stricter over the years. Why do we need to study ethics essay an essay on research process essay my favourite career. Why do we need to study ethics essay an essay on research process essay my favourite career. People who believe kids need to be free in school, well, they’re wrong. Ib application essay examples. Upholds school reputation; school dress code plays the same role as branding. The importance of having a dress code is to teach us in the real world how to dress for our jobs. Long essay on global warming. When you dress up in a suit, you tend to stand straighter and project more confidence, which people will respond to positively. For instance, schools are trying to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment by following the dress code (Zhou). Yes—not only does a correlation exist, but research over many years shows that behavior and dress strongly color our perceptions of an individual’s personality, competency, and commitment. Uniforms provide students with school uniqueness. Essay question about study skills, cow par essay likhe my favourite festival essay on english. Dress codes are proven to increase a students academics. Otherwise, students and teachers will be held responsible for excessively low test scores by the state. Around the world, a lot of schools instituted the idea of students wearing uniforms so they can improve overall school performance and to reduce negative behavior. In casual situations, you may help a busy single mom understand that she can look less stressed and seem more approachable when she has herself together. Pupils who look smart and are all uniformly dressed send a positive message about their school. However, dress codes more recently gained notoriety in public school systems, after school districts decided that dress codes reduce violence, alleviate the influence of gang colors and limit distractions in the classroom. Peer pressure can occur because of clothing, students get so pressured about the issue and decide not to go to school. In the past, dress codes for nurses were strict and often included a uniform skirt, nursing cap, hose and plain shoes — typically white.

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