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funny greek quotes translated

(Εγινε το έλα να δείς), Like the unfair curse. Literal English Translation: “Un-assed.” (Yes, we are fully aware that un-assed is not a real English word). Often, restaurant owners try to Google Translate the ingredients and names of their funny foods in the menus and if their mission fails they shamelessly declare, that they couldn't find the appropriate name. ΖΗΤΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΤΑ ΡΕΣΤΑ ΑΠΟ ΠΑΝΩ; AT THE END THEY SHAVE THE GROOM. It includes everything from aperitifs to desserts, so brush up on your Hellenic kitchen vocabulary and head out to one of your city’s best Greek restaurants for some lamb intestines and shots of ouzo. AT THE END THEY SHAVE THE GROOM —>>ΣΤΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΞΥΡΙΖΟΥΝ ΤΟΝ ΓΑΜΠΡΟ, CATCH THE EGG AND MOW IT —>> ΠΙΑΣ’ ΤΟ ΑΥΓΟ ΚΑΙ ΚΟΥΡΕΦ’ ΤΟ. ΔΕΝ ΕΧΩ ΜΟΥΤΡΑ ΝΑ ΒΓΩ ΕΞΩ. “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back”. YOU OWE ME YOUR HORNS. (κάθομαι σε αναμμένα κάρβουνα), In the boil the iron sticks (στην βράση κολλάει το σίδερο), They returned me the entrails. A Greek isn’t just “fit”…she is “slices” (φἐτες). (Κάνει τον ψόφιο κοριό), ΚΑΝΕΙ ΤΗΝ ΠΑΠΙΑ. (Βγήκα από τα ρούχα μου), This place is at Devil’s mother. ΜΕ ΚΟΛΛΗΣΕ ΣΤΟΝ ΤΟΙΧΟ. THE BAD YOUR WEATHER! (Αυτό το πλευρό να κοιμάσαι), Your eye the crosseyed! (Πήρα τό τρίτο το μακρυτερο), At the end they shave the groom. THE UNIVERSITY IS AT DEVIL’S MOTHER. early). —>>ΚΛΑΣΕ ΜΑΣ ΜΙΑ ΜΑΝΤΡΑ ! ), Are you asking and the change from over? Along with each saying we have also provided you with a literal English translation, as well as an explanation for what the Greeks really mean when using these terminologies. See more ideas about funny greek quotes, funny greek, greek quotes. I’M SITTING ON IGNITED COALS. SEVENTEEN ANCIENT POEMS Translated from Greek and Latin by Thomas McEvilley. What the Greeks really mean: “Quit being such a pretentious asshole.”, Ekei pou eimai da eisai mia mera – Where I am you will be one day, koufalitsa – small hole in a tree – crafty/cunning person, ade kourepsou – go have a haircut – stop talking about things you’re oblivious about, tha se fao – I’m gonna eat you – I’m really angry for what you did. ΔΕΝ ΕΧΩ ΜΟΥΤΡΑ ΝΑ ΒΓΩ ΕΞΩ. I took them to the scull! ΣΑΝ ΤΗΝ ΑΔΙΚΗ ΚΑΤΑΡΑ. 12. so you are welcome to click here and download our free eBook + English translation and Audio. or It is supposed that if there is a rumour, there must be some truth behind it.” türk Kurları love quotes turkish phrases sayings about live ΧΕΣΕ ΨΗΛΑ ΚΙ ΑΓΝΑΝΤΕΥΕ. WHO PAYS THE BRIDE? (Είσαι για τα πανηγύρια). You’re a sap. B I DON’T KNOW MY BLINDNESS. ΜΟΥ ΧΡΩΣΤΑΣ ΤΑ ΚΕΡΑΤΑ ΣΟΥ. (Το μάτι σου το αλλήθωρο), We did black eyes to see you (Μαυρα μάτια να σε δούμε), He made us the three two. min mou zalizeis ta arxithia – don’t make my balls dizzy – Stop saying nonsense to me. Sometimes you might feel life has been tough or unfair, and you just need a small push to make you feel better and keep going forward; this is the reason why we bring you this inspiring list of 100 famous Spanish quotes with English translation. A Greek person doesn’t just “cheat on you”…he “puts horns on you” (σε κερατὠνει). ), He doesn’t understand Christ. If luck is in, and you've found one in your mother tongue, your struggles to order are probably not over, as translating the food names is whole another art, with which we'd like to acquaint you. ΠΟΙΟΣ ΠΛΗΡΩΝΕΙ ΤΗ ΝΥΦΗ; WHATEVER YOU REMEMBER YOU ARE GLAD. YOUR MIND AND A POUND AND THE PAINTER’S BRUSH. ΤΑ ΠΗΡΑ ΣΤΟ ΚΡΑΝΙΟ. Bald reif hält nicht steif English equivalent: – Early ripe, early rotten – Precocious talent or premature succes is often shortlived. ARE WE GLUING COFFEE POTS ? Meleager of Gadara Raising the Alarm Meleager Commiserates with His Soul Meleager Addresses His Servant Dorkas Meleager Speaks to a Honey Bee Instructions for Meleager’s Burial Meleager Reproaches the Dawn Meleager Reproaches the Dawn Again The French language has some pretty hilarious words and phrases. Hello, can anyone help me with finding the ancient greek translation of the famous Socrates quote: "Be As You Wish To Seem "I need it to be precise and accurate. 10. YOU RECKON WITHOUT THE HOTEL OWNER. ΚΑΛΛΙΟ ΓΑΙΔΟΥΡΟΔΕΝΕ ΠΑΡΑ ΓΑΙΔΟΥΡΟΓΥΡΕΥΕ. 13. or It is supposed that if there is a rumour, there must be some truth behind it.” türk Kurları love quotes turkish phrases sayings about live Learning Greek proverbs can also help you to understand more about the Greek culture or the way people think in Greece! IT RAINED CHAIR LEGS. ), Are we gluing coffee pots? Sometimes you might feel life has been tough or unfair, and you just need a small push to make you feel better and keep going forward; this is the reason why we bring you this inspiring list of 100 famous Spanish quotes with English translation. It is normally supposed that something always gets lost in translation; I cling, obstinately to the notion that something can also be gained.” Throughout the years these expressions have been shared over message boards and forums on the internet, and exchanged between people in everyday discussions. What the Greeks really mean: This phrase is usually used in the context of a discussion where you’re so sure about something that you’re willing to “pierce your nose” if you’re wrong. Catherine Christaki has been a full-time English-Greek translator since 2001 and co-owner of Lingua Greca Translations since 2012. 35. Meaning: “There is no effect without some cause. or. ΟΤΙ ΘΥΜΑΣΑΙ ΧΑΙΡΕΣΑΙ. You’ll dazzle your friends and impress your translator colleagues! FART US A STONEWALL ! (Είσαι για τα πανηγύρια), Three-blanket party. A Greek doesn’t just “make your life hell”…he “makes your life a roller skate” (σου κἀνει την ζωἠ πατἰνι). ), Whatever you remember you are glad! THEY BECAME ROBES – ROBES UNBUTTONED. Literal English Translation: “If my grandmother had balls, I would call her my grandfather.” TO SAY THE FIGS – FIGS AND THE TUB – TUB. While the French did indeed produce some of the greatest writers, natives don’t necessarily speak like the characters in novels. (Μου πήρες τα αυτιά με την μουσική), Has the weather turnings. Don’t worry, we translated them properly for you so you know how to use them in your next vacation to Greece: 1. English words of Greek origin; Greek language; List of Latin phrases; Notes by. or post on here, thank you for your time.-Armin. English equivalent: The sweetest flesh is near the bones. WHORE’S BANISTER. A Greek person isn’t just “stupid”…he’s a “brick” (τοὐβλο). ΕΚΑΝΑ ΜΑΥΡΑ ΜΑΤΙΑ ΝΑ ΣΕ ΔΩ. That’s right. 16. Greek Saying #20: “Χεστικαι η κοντη!” ΣΑΝ ΤΗΝ ΑΔΙΚΗ ΚΑΤΑΡΑ. 21. Julius Caesar as reported by Plutarch, when he entered Italy with his army in 49 BC. — Hippocrates, 460-370 BC, Ancient Greek physician, the “Father of Medicine”. Just take the following German wisdom quotes for example. Other times, proofreading was skipped entirely, or maybe the owner just didn't care enough or couldn't understand the translation himself. I MADE THEM OCEAN. ΣΤΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΞΥΡΙΖΟΥΝ ΤΟΝ ΓΑΜΠΡΟ. ΠΙΑΣΤΟ ΑΥΓΟ ΚΑΙ ΚΟΥΡΕΦΤΟ. (Κάνει την πάπια), In the down down of the written. YOU HAVE VERY NICE LEATHER. ΒΓΗΚΑ ΑΠΟ ΤΑ ΡΟΥΧΑ ΜΟΥ. Literal English Translation: “It’s not John, it’s Johnny.” Greek Saying #8: “Ο διαβολος δεν ειχε δουλεια και εκατσε και γαμισαι τα παιδια του.” If you grew up in Greek household, chances are you’ve heard your fair share of golden one-liners from your father, mother, papou, yiayia, and especially your crazy uncle or aunt. A translation may be good as translation, but it cannot be an adequate reproduction of the original.” — George Henry Lewes “In translation language facility is not … ΣΤΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΞΥΡΙΖΟΥΝ ΤΟΝ ΓΑΜΠΡΟ. HAS THE WEATHER TURNINGS. Literal English Translation: “You’re going to eat wood.” But we here at, Socceroos draw Spain, Greece in mock World Cup draw, today 2/12: Merope, Myropee, Solomon, Solomontas, Ασύλητο τάφο του 1ου αιώνα π.Χ έφερε στο φως η αρχαιολογική σκαπάνη στην Κοζάνη (εικόνες), Πότε πέφτουν φέτος Καθαρά Δευτέρα και Πάσχα 2019. ΚΑΤΙ ΤΡΕΧΕΙ ΣΤΑ ΓΥΦΤΙΚΑ. ), Marrows with oregano. Translation: No smoke will come out from a place where there is no fire. “Se supone que debemos disfrutar de lo bueno ahora, mientras podemos, con las personas que amamos. “In its happiest efforts, translation is but approximation, and its efforts are not often happy. Does the goat chew taramas? A Greek isn’t just “doing nothing”…he’s “swatting flies” (βαρἀει μὐγες). A Greek doesn’t say “I have no idea what’s going on”…she says “I’ve lost my eggs and baskets” (ἐχω χἀσει τα αυγἀ και τα καλἀθια). Apr 21, 2019 - Explore Tasia's board "Greek Easter quotes" on Pinterest. I throw you to the ears. Tha mou tripiseis tin miti – You will pierce my nose – You can’t do anything to me. Greek Saying #1: “Τα μάτια σου δεκατέσσερα.” However, apart from the basic and daily vocabulary, it’s fun to know some common Greek proverbs because you will hear them frequently. I DON’T HAVE FACES TO COME OUT. YOU ARE FOR THE FESTIVALS. – Joanna Lumley. About See All. What the Greeks really mean: “I have over-exerted myself.” (I know what you’re thinking. What the Greeks really mean: “It’s one and the same.” Like saying “po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe” in English! HE RETURNED ME THE ENTRAILS. Language is a powerful reflection of cultural values. Big deal! (Ό,τι θυμάσαι χαίρεσαι! ΤΗΝ ΕΚΑΝΑΝ ΑΠΟ ΧΕΡΙ. Turkish Quotes. ΤΟ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΣΤΟΥ ΔΙΑΟΛΟΥ ΤΗ ΜΑΝΑ. (Δεν έχω πρόσωπο να αντικρίσω την κοινωνία), How from here morning morning? I took from the three the longest. In Greece, people don’t just “turn you down”…they “throw you an X” (σου ἐριξε Χ). 100 Famous Spanish Quotes with English Translation. Movies in Latin America get translated to what some consider a more accurate version of the title. Appeal to Force/Fear or Argumentum ad Baculum. Don’t even go there). ΟΤΙ ΘΥΜΑΣΑΙ ΧΑΙΡΕΣΑΙ. (Τον κακό σου τον καιρό), With this side to sleep. Does the goat chew taramas? "Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. (Κυριακή κοντή γιορτή), To say the figs figs and the tub tub! ΕΒΡΕΞΕ ΚΑΡΕΚΛΟΠΟΔΑΡΑ. FROM HERE GO AND THE OTHERS. (Γίναμε ρόμπες!) Greeks that are really drunk aren’t “wasted”…they are “pie” (πἰτα). ΜΑΣΑΕΙ Η ΚΑΤΣΙΚΑ ΤΑΡΑΜΑ; F Macedonia aims to solve protracted name row with Greece, Greek Yogurt Is Ours: Athens Seeks Geographical Protection From EU, Greeks Call for Parthenon Marbles Issue to be Part of Brexit Talks, Junior Men’s Water Polo Day 4: Russia and Greece draw 10-10, The Benaki Museum exhibition “Ghika – Craxton – Leigh Fermor: Charmed Lives in Greece”, Ελληνική αντιπροσωπεία στη Βενετία για τα λείψανα της Αγίας Ελένης. From the ancient till modern times, Greece has been the homeland for many important historical events and people who have marked the history of the country and have influenced the course of the world. Life is short and Art long; the opportunity fleeting, experience deceitful, and judgment difficult. (Κάναμε μαύρα μάτια να σε δούμε). If you get a good wife you will become happy, and if you get a bad one you will become a philosopher. Yandex.Translate is a mobile and web service that translates words, phrases, whole texts, and entire websites from English into Latin. HAS THE WEATHER TURNINGS. ΤΗΣ ΠΟΥΤΑΝΑΣ ΤΟ ΚΑΓΚΕΛΟ. Literal English Translation: “I’m going to drink your blood.” (Να μου τρυπήσεις την μύτη), You took my ears with the music. Please e-mail me at: Οι λέξεις είναι η πιο ανεξάντλητη πηγή μαγείας που θα μπορέσουμε ποτέ να έχουμε

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