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I prefer an electric oven when I have electricity. Originally posted on, I always wanted a gas stove top to cook on and this has the grill and two multi function burners. See Details, GE Appliances Experience ultimate cooking flexibility with this powerful GE Profile Series gas range. Cook up to six grilled cheeses on the industry's largest integrated griddle, and then flip it over to grill your favorite foods. Download Installation Instructions. Please try again. Originally posted on, The convection feature is great for oven fries and oven roasted vegetables So glad to have gas cook top again after electric for so many years. (1) 15.0; (1) 5.0; (1) 18.0; (1) 9.5; (1) 10.0, Top Burner BTU Rating - Nat. {"hideMenu":false,"ipiOnly":false,"tourViews":[{"viewImage":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2f001669-997c-4971-91e0-7e62e83d5077.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2f001669-997c-4971-91e0-7e62e83d5077.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2f001669-997c-4971-91e0-7e62e83d5077.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2f001669-997c-4971-91e0-7e62e83d5077.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2f001669-997c-4971-91e0-7e62e83d5077.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"CGI65351.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false},"hotspots":[{"hotspotX":0.125,"hotspotY":0.128,"captionFromAttr":"Dual purpose center burner","description":"Cook with anything from grills and griddles to oversized pots with a combination oval/round burner","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/0058f509-996e-4242-aea8-1e92012a22ac.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/0058f509-996e-4242-aea8-1e92012a22ac.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/0058f509-996e-4242-aea8-1e92012a22ac.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/0058f509-996e-4242-aea8-1e92012a22ac.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/0058f509-996e-4242-aea8-1e92012a22ac.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"151808.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.125,"hotspotY":0.02,"captionFromAttr":"WiFi Connect","description":"Wirelessly control oven functions from your smartphone","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/27be26dc-a4a0-4951-9058-33ed6f926c4c.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/27be26dc-a4a0-4951-9058-33ed6f926c4c.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/27be26dc-a4a0-4951-9058-33ed6f926c4c.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/27be26dc-a4a0-4951-9058-33ed6f926c4c.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/27be26dc-a4a0-4951-9058-33ed6f926c4c.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"145746.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.12916666666666668,"hotspotY":0.236,"captionFromAttr":"Edge-to-edge cooktop","description":"A large, seamless surface makes it easy to wipe away messes","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/35b4567f-2580-4275-ba3d-ee96d3062e60.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/35b4567f-2580-4275-ba3d-ee96d3062e60.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/35b4567f-2580-4275-ba3d-ee96d3062e60.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/35b4567f-2580-4275-ba3d-ee96d3062e60.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/35b4567f-2580-4275-ba3d-ee96d3062e60.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"151813.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.12916666666666668,"hotspotY":0.46,"captionFromAttr":"True European Convection with Precise Air","description":"Enjoy perfectly even results without turning the pan","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/342aad5b-7156-44ee-becd-9a020ba376b8.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/342aad5b-7156-44ee-becd-9a020ba376b8.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/342aad5b-7156-44ee-becd-9a020ba376b8.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/342aad5b-7156-44ee-becd-9a020ba376b8.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/342aad5b-7156-44ee-becd-9a020ba376b8.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"151952.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.8625,"hotspotY":0.14,"captionFromAttr":"20,000 BTU tri-ring burner","description":"Offers the flexibility of three different burners","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2915145b-f383-4789-baaa-949458708764.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2915145b-f383-4789-baaa-949458708764.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2915145b-f383-4789-baaa-949458708764.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2915145b-f383-4789-baaa-949458708764.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/2915145b-f383-4789-baaa-949458708764.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"151807.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"right"},{"hotspotX":0.8625,"hotspotY":0.244,"captionFromAttr":"Extra-large, integrated reversible cast iron grill/griddle","description":"Enjoy ultimate cooking versatility. Enough room to cook an entire meal at once, Black gloss oven interior P2B940SEJSS in Stainless Steel by GE Appliances in Salem, OR - GE Profile™ 30" Smart Dual-Fuel Free-Standing Convection Range with Warming Drawer. Originally posted on, Love the five eyes and the fact that it's dual fuel Get Pricing and Availability. Originally posted on, This range meets all of our expectations. ft. oven capacity Must be postmarked by: 1/31/2021. P2B940SEJSS P2B940SEJ GE Profile™ Series 30" Dual-Fuel Free-Standing Convection Range with Warming Drawer . Request we delete any personal information we collect about you. Finally, your personal shopper will explain our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and help you place an order if you so desire. Yes, a dual-fuel range offer the responsive cooking of a gas stove top with the baking consistency of an electric oven. Originally posted on, 1st time gas stove top owner! If you can spare a few thousand dollars without batting an eyelash for new Originally posted on, Buttons are very difficult to push. Easy to use and cooks evenly. Originally posted on, Works great and looks great. As we have the ability to list over one million items on our website (our selection changes all of the time), it is not feasible for a company our size to record and playback the descriptions on every item on our website. Originally posted on, excellent controls on burners allow for precise heat temps WX10X10021, GE Appliances View Specs. Originally posted on, We just moved and purchased the profile dual cooking stove several years ago. Sporting a bold, dramatic look and state of the art features, this collection provides the perfect combination of style and innovation throughout your kitchen. Oven takes forever to heat and then loses temp. Three options with a single touch. P2B940SEJSS in Stainless Steel by GE Appliances. Simsbury, CT 06070. GE Profile PGB960SEJSS user guide manual was written in English and published in PDF File (Portable Document Format). Originally posted on, Haven't really used the oxen but am truly enjoying cooking with gas. The dual prupose center burner accommodate everything from grills and griddles to oversized pots with the industry's first combination oval/round burner. Originally posted on, Just what I wanted - a dual fuel range at a reasonable price. WX10X392, Cook with anything from grills and griddles to oversized pots with the industry's first combination oval/round burner, Wirelessly control oven functions from your smartphone, A large, seamless surface makes it easy to wipe away messes, Enjoy perfectly even results without turning the pan, Offers the flexibility of three different burners, Extra-large, integrated reversible cast iron grill/griddle. Manual GE Profile P2B940SEJSS. Love gas top especially that big BTU burner!! The 5 burners fit our needs. Register this Appliance. Cook up to six grilled cheeses on the industry's largest integrated griddle, and then flip it over to grill your favorite foods. As much as I liked that one, this one has amazing features that are new to me. Re: Issues: Sides of pots develop black burns. Extended warranties are usually very inexpensive and can save you thousands in the future. ft. GE Profile dual fuel range in stainless steel has dual fuel capabilities, utilizing both gas and electric elements. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven and Air Fry in Stainless Steel, GE Profile PGS930YPFS 30” Smart Slide-In Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners, 5.6 Cu. Expected more form $1700.00 purchase. Enjoy perfectly even results without turning the pan with True European Convection. Ft. GE Profile 30-in Standard 5 Burners Self-Cleaning Convection Dual Fuel Range (Stainless Steel) Item #699468 Model #P2B940SEJSS. I wish I could dim it. The first thing we did in our new home is jettison the electric stove and ordered the Profile. Full screen Standard. You can barely hear it inthe same room, let alone the next room. Originally posted on, I've been looking for a gas range, electric oven for a long time and this one is perfect. Originally posted on, I love how easy it is to figure out how everything works and the WiFi has come in handy a few times already. Item was dented and I found 5 screws in packaging. Originally posted on, I love this dual fuel over. Originally posted on, Unpacked and installed this stove yesterday. ft. Oven, 5 Sealed Burners and Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode Over is perfect temp and the convection mode makes things perfectly crispy and browned Previous page of related Sponsored Products. I am not a fan. There's a problem loading this menu right now. ... Thor Kitchen 48 inch Freestanding Pro-Style Professional Gas Range with 6.7 Cu. However, if you have a disability we are here to help you. It can be easily flipped over to become a … Find this model at Earl B. Feiden Appliance. Originally posted on, Love my dual fuel range. Oven heats slowly. WB02X30447 $ … Still waiting for the store to reorder nobody seems to know anything about it. How did I ever roast without a probe, and the grill and griddle have changed the way I prepare a number of dishes. Enjoy ultimate cooking versatility. Welcome to our website! right to: Complete the following form to submit your request. I am very happy with it so far Heats up quickly, great capacity and we love the layout of the gas burners on the stove top. Originally posted on, Love the dual fuel feature, best of both worlds. The Very Best and it has upgraded our Kitchen to Chef status. This product is made in United States and manufactured by GE. required unless stated otherwise). For instant convenience, choose when to automatically sync clocks and the range burners with the microwave's surface light and vent. Would rate as 5 stars if not so disappointed that I did not receive a paper copy of the product manual. Model P2B940SEJSS GE Profile™ 30" Smart Dual-Fuel Free-Standing Convection Range with Warming Drawer. Originally posted on, I just got it today, so how would I know, it's ok haven't even turned it on I just set the clock, which was a bit hard without a manual, but they wanted a review when I registered it, so here it is. P2B940SEJSS, Our Price It has all the features we wanted (convection oven, grill option on top, plenty of burners of different sizes) and we couldn't be more happy with it! GE Profile Series P2B940SEJSS 5.6 cu. Getting used to the different sizes of burners and how they work. Originally posted on, We had a hard time getting the control to work, a little better now. The bright blue light that gives the time. Enjoy a clean and sleek appearance, Temperature probe Very pleased. The product type is GE P2B940SEJSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Dual Fuel (Gas) Sealed Burner Range. PM15X103 $ 28.75 4 ft. Gas Range Connector Kit with Auto Shut Off. GE Profile: GE Black Friday Kitchen and Laundry Package Rebate Valid from 11/15/2020 - 12/02/2020 Shop models included in this rebate. high-quality shopping experience, communicate with you, and assist you as Some of the burners seem temperamental and not at the level the dial says. Schedule Service . Rebate form must be postmarked by 1/31/2021. Also for: Profile p2b940sejss. Pages with related products. Enter your vehicle's info to make sure this product fits. Welcome to our website! It looks great! Very pleased that I upgraded my previous stove for this one. There are no items in your shopping cart. LYCAN Professional Gas Range Cook Top - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stove with 4 Bur... GE Cafe 2 Piece Kitchen Appliance Package with CFE28USHSS 36" Smart French Door Ref... Frigidaire 3-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Package With FFEF3054TS 30" Electric Fre... Frigidaire 2-Piece Kitchen Appliance Package with FGEF3036TF 30 Inch Freestanding E... Empava 36 in. P2B940SEJSS Owner's Manual. GE Profile™ 30" Smart Dual-Fuel Free-Standing Convection Range with Warming Drawer GE Profile P2B940SEJSS CALL US TODAY FOR BETTER PRICING 732.367.3677 EMAIL US FOR A LOWER QUOTE (please include your ZIP code). Originally posted on, Looks great but it does not work. Originally posted on, Still getting used to the stove, it has been a long time since I bought one. Delicate foods don't burn with low, even heat, 5.6 cu. Originally posted on, Got it just in time for Canning season !! No one tests ranges like we do. Great size oven The only reason I did not give a 5 star rating was the back control panel. Easily access items with a rack that glides smoothly, Cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing, Easily clean grates by placing them in the oven during the self-clean cycle, Delicate foods don't burn with low, even heat, Ensure meats are thoroughly and accurately cooked, Variable temperature control keeps foods warm, Dual purpose center burner This range caught my interest with its dual fuel capabilities. Features: No Preheat Air Fry With this air fryer right in the oven, you can cook healthier, crispier versions of your favorite foods. Utilizes both gas and electric elements, Warming drawer Finally, your personal shopper will explain our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and help you place an order if you so desire. A large, seamless surface makes it easy to wipe away messes, True Convection with Precise Air PSA9120SFSS, Our Price ft. Dual-Fuel Convection Range w/ WiFi Connect - Stainless Steel. Originally posted on, The range has some nice features such as the 5 burner and griddle. Perfecto!!! Love that it is Smart & can use with Alexa. Originally posted on, We love the gas range feature with the electric oven. A: Answer Hi Lisa - Thanks for considering GE Profile™ 30" Smart Dual-Fuel Free-Standing Convection Range with Warming Drawer P2B940SEJSS! Preheats way faster than the gas range I previously had. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. The product type is GE P2B940SEJSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Dual Fuel (Gas) Sealed Burner Range. Shop GE Profile™ 30" Smart Dual-Fuel Free-Standing Convection Range with Warming Drawer. Originally posted on, This replaced my 17 year old GE dual-fuel range. I was a little concerned at first, but since we have become used to it, so far so good! You probably don't have the special tools or expertise needed to fix them in a crisis. Cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing, Heavy duty, self-clean grates Proudly serving Connecticut and Western MA since 1949! Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. No one tests ranges like we do. I've only had it a month or two, but love it so far! Cook with anything from grills and griddles to oversized pots with the industry's first combination oval/round burner The sensor doesn't quite seem to be in the correct place for the bake button but everything else works well and the app is great!! ft. freestanding gas range with double convection oven. What a piece of trash. For instant convenience, choose when to automatically sync clocks and the range burners with the microwave's surface light and vent. I haven't tried the oven yet but like the temps true displayed as it heats up. Versatile and efficient, this oven offers and edge-to-edge cooktop for a large and continuous cooking surface. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. NEED SOME HELP? We love this GE duel fuel stove. Cook with anything from grills and griddles to oversized pots with the industry's first combination oval/round burner, WiFi powered by SmartHQ™ ","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/ce797e99-e554-4d40-a489-f8a32b62b6dc.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/ce797e99-e554-4d40-a489-f8a32b62b6dc.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/ce797e99-e554-4d40-a489-f8a32b62b6dc.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/ce797e99-e554-4d40-a489-f8a32b62b6dc.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/ce797e99-e554-4d40-a489-f8a32b62b6dc.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"151831.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"right"},{"hotspotX":0.8625,"hotspotY":0.46,"captionFromAttr":"Heavy-duty, self-clean roller rack","description":"Easily access items with a rack that glides smoothly","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/612ad50c-8f86-435c-9853-2c74d7143f75.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/612ad50c-8f86-435c-9853-2c74d7143f75.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/612ad50c-8f86-435c-9853-2c74d7143f75.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/612ad50c-8f86-435c-9853-2c74d7143f75.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/612ad50c-8f86-435c-9853-2c74d7143f75.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"151861.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"right"},{"hotspotX":0.8625,"hotspotY":0.572,"captionFromAttr":"Self-clean oven","description":"Cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/356bbe84-1276-4010-a68d-0e487f5b80da.jpg.w960.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/356bbe84-1276-4010-a68d-0e487f5b80da.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/356bbe84-1276-4010-a68d-0e487f5b80da.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/356bbe84-1276-4010-a68d-0e487f5b80da.jpg","width":480,"height":500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/356bbe84-1276-4010-a68d-0e487f5b80da.jpg.web.jpg","width":480,"height":500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"self_clean.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"right"},{"hotspotX":0.8625,"hotspotY":0.352,"captionFromAttr":"Heavy duty, self-clean grates","description":"Easily clean grates by placing them in the oven during the self-clean cycle","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/7178c291-ddd5-49c4-aea1-f2bbcd2b4c09.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":1000},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/7178c291-ddd5-49c4-aea1-f2bbcd2b4c09.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":500},{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/7178c291-ddd5-49c4-aea1-f2bbcd2b4c09.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":250}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/7178c291-ddd5-49c4-aea1-f2bbcd2b4c09.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1490028989220/tab-8da7c766-6676-4599-b890-f46efae0fcd0/7178c291-ddd5-49c4-aea1-f2bbcd2b4c09.jpg.web.jpg","width":2400,"height":2500},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"151814.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"right"},{"hotspotX":0.12916666666666668,"hotspotY":0.348,"captionFromAttr":"Precise Simmer burner","description":"Delicate foods don\u2019t burn with low, even 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cu. GE 4 pcs Stainless Steel Package with GSS25GSHSS 36" Side by Side Refrigerator, JB6... GE Stainless Steel Package with GNE25JSKSS 33" French Door Refrigerator, JB655SKSS ... 4-Piece Slate Kitchen Package with GSE25HMHES 36"" Freestanding Side by Side Refrig... Frigidaire Gallery Series FGGS3065PF 30" Slide-In Gas Range with 4 Sealed Burners i... GE 1.7 Cu.

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